【Closed seminar】
Reflecting Identities, Creating Selves: Cultural Flows between the Modern Middle East and Japan Meeting 2023


This project examines the circulation of culture between the Middle East and Japan in the 20th century through the lens of literature and the arts in a broad sense that transcends genres. Particular attention will be paid to aspects of “projecting the self” and “creating the self,” highlighting the ways in which peoples of the Middle East and Japan have viewed each other. Ultimately, we would like to link our discoveries to the goal of “Global Area Studies,” which is to clarify the mechanisms of the construction and transformation of the contemporary global order.

Date / Time June 3, 2023 (Saturday)
Session 1 (Closed seminar, Global Mediterranean Studies members only): 9:30-12:00
Session 2 (Open to the public): 14:00-16:00 → For details, please see here.
Venue Room 306, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) + Online meeting
Language English
Organized by NIHU Global Area Studies Program: The Global Mediterranean at ILCAA


Session 1 (Closed seminar, Global Mediterranean Studies members only)
Chair: Nicholas Mangialardi (Williams College)

9:30–9:40 Nicholas Mangialardi (Williams College) Introduction

9:40–10:05 Emi GOTO (ILCAA) Rethinking Religion through Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd’s Writings on Japan

10:10–10:35 Zahra Moharramipour (The University of Tokyo) Between East and West: Perceptions of Persian Art in Early 20th Century Japan

10:40–11:05 Hiroyuki SUZUKI (The University of Tokyo) Distance to the Palestinian Question: Japanese Civil Society and the Middle East

11:10–12:00 Discussion

<Lunch Break>

Session 2 (Open to the public)

14:00–16:00 Nicholas Mangialardi (Williams College) Cinemas, Celebrities, and Censors: Making the First Egyptian-Japanese Film Arabu no Arashi