International Symposium “Amir Hamza and Beyond: Historical Narratives and Romances across the Muslim World”


Date / Time Fri 1st Sep 2023 15:00–17:00; Sat 2 Sep 10:30–17:00; Sun 3 Sep 10:30–16:30
Venue Large Conference Room 303 (ILCAA)
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Deadline: 31 August*
*: If you wish to attend the dinner after the first day of the conference, please fill out this form by 21 August.
Admission Free
Language English
Jointly sponsored by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B) “A Multidisciplinary Study on Formation, Transmission, and Reception of Persian Historical Romances” (Principal Investigator: Nobuaki KONDO (ILCAA) Project Number: 20H01250), Global Mediterranean at ILCAA
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Fri 1st Sep
15:00 Opening Remarks
15:15–15:55 Ulrich Marzolph (Göttingen University)
Illustrating the Persian Epics in Lithographed Editions of the Qajar Period
15:55–16:35 Nobuaki Kondo (ILCAA)
How did the Hamza Romance Develop over Time? An Analysis of the Zubdat al-Rumuz
16:35–17:00 Discussions
17:30–19:30 Dinner
Sat 2 Sep
10:30–11:20 Ben Arps (Leiden University/ILCAA)
‘And God Knows Best What Is Correct’: The Marvels of the Real in and around the Javanese Amir Hamza
11:20–12:00 Yumi Sugahara (Osaka University)
The Story of Amir Hamzah as a Muslim Side Epic in Java
12:00–12:30 Discussions
14:00–14:40 Kumiko Yamamoto (ILCAA)
Performing the Story of Amir Hamza in Iranian Style: Fakhr al-Zamani and the Oral Performance Model
14:40–15:20 Pasha M. Khan (McGill University)
The Ways of Storytellers in Mughal South Asia: From Darbar Khan to Baqir ‘Ali
15:20–16:00 Julia Rubanovich (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Verse Insertions in the Hamza-nama
16:00–17:00 Discussions
Sun 3 Sep
10:30–11:20 Osamu Otsuka (The University of Tokyo)
Nihayat al-Arab Reconsidered: Reconstructing Pre-Islamic Persian History in the Arabic Historiography
11:20–12:00 Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila (The University of Edinburgh)
Pagan Heroes in an Islamic Society: Literary Responses to the Shahname and its Heroes
12:00–12:30 Discussions
14:00–14:40 Christine Kämpfer (Bamberg University)
The Odd Courtly Romance: The Influence of Popular Romances on Khvaju Kirmani’s Humay-u Humayun
14:40–15:20 Yuriko Yamanaka (National Museum of Ethnology)
The Demotic Alexander: The Safavid Iskandar-nama and its Possible Impact on Historical Narratives in Southeast Asia
15:20–16:30 Discussions
16:30 Closing Remarks